Guide to Watch Stream on StreamTorrent

What is StreamTorrent?
StreamTorrent is a somewhat new streaming application that has been gaining momentum among streamers and stream viewers alike. The myp2p community has been credited and thanked in the client for all of the testing it has done for the program. Stream viewers have reported greatly improved video quality, while also reporting less CPU and bandwidth usage. Streamers are also pleased with having such a quality stream with lower bitrates than other clients require.

The program has an easy to use interface, and is quite minimalistic. The player itself is very similar to TVAnts and especially SopCast, which makes for an easier transition for users of those programs to switch with little issue to StreamTorrent.

Where to Download?

You can download StreamTorrent using one of the following URL's below.How to Install StreamTorrent.
  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract the StreamTorrent .exe file, and open the installer.
  3. Fast Install (Buttons to Click): Next, I Agree, Next, Next, Install, Finish.
  4. You're finished.
How to Open a StreamTorrent Stream.
There are several ways to open up a StreamTorrent stream. When using p2p-listed streams, the most common method you'll be using are link clicking and copy and pasting, so I'll be covering those in particular. You can tell a stream is a StreamTorrent stream when you see the (ST) in the stream listing, i.e. #16TV (ST). Another way to tell if it is a StreamTorrent stream, is the StreamTorrent protocol st:// in the URL.

I see an advertisement when starting to watch

- Streamtorrent has also advertisements like any other platform. You don't have to click it, just wait untill it has buffered above the 30% mark and the ads will go away and the channel will start to work

Link Clicking.
  • To open, click the link, then click "OK" on the prompt to open the stream in StreamTorrent. (Simple, isn't it?)
Copy and Pasting.
  • Text-based ST URL's: Select the text, copy the text, then open up StreamTorrent manually. Next, on the top menu click Edit, then click Paste. StreamTorrent will now prompt you saying "1 New Stream has been added", you can then play it by double-clicking the stream on your list, or by clicking the stream once to highlite it, and then clicking the play button.
  • Link-based ST URL's: Right click the link, copy the link, then open up StreamTorrent manually. Next, on the top menu click Edit, then click Paste. StreamTorrent will now prompt you saying "1 New Stream has been added", you can then play it by double-clicking the stream on your list, or by clicking the stream once to highlite it, and then clicking the play button.

StreamTorrent Link Issues.
This isn't a problem with the program itself, but rather an issue that has appeared occasionally on the myp2pforum. Due to the length of the st:// URL's, links have at times been listed with a space, or in a resolved form featuring the %20 hex code. Links with this issue will not work as the URL is broken. To fix this, simply remove the space. When posting a URL featuring an st:// URL, use the URL button on your post editor menu.

The Facts Behind the *******/Internet Explorer Issue.
In an attempt to be helpful, and resolve one of the issues with StreamTorrent (the one listed above), I introduced a ******* URL for the popular stream VP5. This URL is still currently in circulation because it does work. However, ******* and Internet Explorer don't get along when processing the st:// URL from this, and will not work with Internet Explorer. This is a non-issue for Firefox users, as the stream will load perfectly fine in StreamTorrent, so it's just one more reason to switch, right? Right.

Channel Name/Stream List Bug.
There is a minor bug in the program. If you don't have your stream list cleared, you may have a random issue in which your newly loaded stream will be titled under a previously loaded channel name. Example: You previously loaded VP5, and now you just loaded TigerTown4. Because of this bug, TigerTown4 may appear as VP5 on your list. If you view it, it will be TigerTown4, just named VP5.

The best way to resolve this issue is to clear your channel listing after each use. While this doesn't have any effect on playback, it will help eliminate any unnecessary confusion.

Have a question that isn't answered above? Ask, and I'll do my best to provide an answer.
Question: I used IE and it took one click and it worked. I thought it didn't work?
Answer: The only time a StreamTorrent link doesn't work is when ******* is used to shorten the lengthy st:// URL. If a link is a complete st:// URL without the space in it, it'll work in IE. For more information about the ******* issue, look above.

Question: Does StreamTorrent Work with VLC?
Answer: Yes, both broadcasting and stream viewing are possible using VLC. The same method used for TVAnts/SopCast works with StreamTorrent.
  1. Open StreamTorrent.
  2. Load the stream of your choice.
  3. Right click the video.
  4. Click properties.
  5. Copy the .asf URL. (Example:
  6. Next, Open VLC.
  7. Click File.
  8. Open Network Stream (or CTRL+N).
  9. Select HTTP.
  10. Paste the .asf URL.
  11. Click OK, and you're done!

= Connected.
= Connection Error/Blocked by Firewall/Partially Connected.
= Offline/Not Connected to the Internet.

Question: How do you make StreamTorrent stay on top?

Answer: It's easy.
  1. Open the StreamTorrent Stream in a New Player.
  2. Right Click the Window Frame OR Right Click the Player in your Taskbar.
  3. Click "Always On Top".
  4. You're done!

Question: When I load a StreamTorrent stream, why does it say "Quality: Expired. Audience: Expired"?
Answer: When a StreamTorrent stream is old, and has been started and stopped more than once by the streamer, it will display this until it updates on your stream list. The stream is still running, and will play despite this.

Question: How do you use the Filter feature?
Answer: The Filter feature is meant for usage when you've got an extensive list of already added channels to your list of streams. You can narrow it and find a specific, previously viewed stream that is still on your list by typing in the filter box. It's a live filtering search, and will trim your list to your desired channel.

Question: How do you use the Search feature?
Answer: To use the Search feature...
  1. Click the Search Icon OR click the Search Button next to the Filter textbox.
  2. Next, type in a keyword you'd like to search for OR select one from the list such as Sports.
  3. Now, select the channel you'd like to see, and click one of the following...
  • Open: Clicking this will add the channel to your stream list, and open the stream for viewing.
  • Add: Clicking this will not open the stream for viewing, but it will add this to your stream list.
  • Add All: This will add all of the results you've obtained from your search to your channel list.

Question: StreamTorrent buffers but doesn't play anything.
  • Vista: Start > Paste regsvr32 wmnetmgr.dll in the search > Enter.
  • XP: Start > Run > Paste regsvr32 wmnetmgr.dll > Enter.

Question: Firefox doesn't automatically load a StreamTorrent stream when I click the link. Why?
Answer: In firefox goto Tools --> Options --> Applictions on the left named "Content Type" look for st and on the right "Action" choose Use StreamTorrent Media Player(Default) now StreamTorrent will be reconized by firefox.

ScreenShot of Firefox Options

Here is a stream to try it out BBC 1 just click it and it will automatically open in StreamTorrent.

Also the above link can be added like this

Copy this - st://A0YCgpwEdT4DPgaCoAHIgBbUjg+det7LbpeAVCaebUq6ihcFQk JDIDGKYQCKQQdkZWZhdWx0iqINRW50ZXJ0YWlubWVudA==

Then in StreamTorrent goto Edit --> Paste Link or Ctrl+V then you should get this message.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your StreamTorrent experience!